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BD88 expand Online Casino in Malaysia due to number of search grow 300% over the past 5 year

Online Casino Trend

Online Casino Searches on the Rise in Malaysia According to Google Trend Data

(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – BD88 expanded their business in Malaysia due to the number of players growing sharply in Malaysia. According to a new Google Trends report, online casino searches in Malaysia have experienced a significant surge in popularity over the past few months. The data, which covers the period from January 2022 to March 2024, reveals that interest in online casinos has increased by 75% during this time. 

Online casino Malaysia trend

The report shows that the majority of online casino searches in Malaysia are coming from the states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Sabah. Additionally, the top search keywords related to online casinos include “online casino Malaysia“, “best online casinos in Malaysia” and “online casino promotions”. Our research indicates that this particular keyword is searched up to 27,100 times per month.

Experts suggest that the surge in online casino searches can be attributed to the growing popularity of online gambling in Malaysia, which has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With more people staying at home due to social distancing measures, online casinos have become a convenient and accessible form of entertainment for many Malaysians. According to, players technically are not breaking any Malaysian laws if they gamble online, because most, if not all online gambling sites are hosted in other countries.


Challenges of Expand Online Casino in Malaysia 

BD88 intends to expand its online casino presence in Malaysia, but faces challenges due to the restrictions imposed by social media and advertising regulations that prohibit the promotion of the industry.

To entice more users, BD88 is trying to do affiliate marketing, improve the SEO ranking and also provide appealing incentives and rewards to its players. 

To enhance the overall casino experience for its players, BD88 actively seeks out a diverse range of games to enhance client enjoyment. By implementing creative and varied game options, BD88 provides its patrons with an exceptional and engaging gaming experience.

As the online casino industry continues to flourish in Malaysia, both local and foreign competitors are increasingly vying for market share.

But there are some differences between playing Local Based Online Casino and Foreign-based online casinos

  1. Payment methods

Foreign-based online casinos may only accept payments using few payment methods, while local-based online casinos may offer a wider range of local payment options, including methods like TNG E-wallets, credit cards, FPX transfer or local bank online transfer. 

  1. Currency

Playing at a locally-based online casino in Malaysia, you would typically use Malaysian Ringgit for your deposits and wagers. Conversely, if you’re playing at a foreign-based online casino, you may need to use another currency such as USD or other country currency depending on the accepted payment methods.

  1. Legality

Both Local and Foreign based online casinos are illegal in Malaysia. While some foreign-based online casinos may legally operate in their home country, they are still operating illegally in Malaysia if they are offering their services to Malaysian residents. 

  1. Games

Local-based online casinos may offer games that are popular in their region, for example BD88 new launch “Aviator Game” in Malaysia while foreign-based online casinos often offer a wider range of games, including popular titles from different parts of the world.

In Malaysia, online gambling is regulated by the government under the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 and the Betting Act 1953. These laws make it illegal to operate or participate in any form of gambling activity within the country, including online casinos.

However, despite the strict laws against online gambling, there are still many offshore online casinos that accept Malaysian players. To combat this, the Malaysian government has taken steps to block access to these websites by working with internet service providers to block access to these websites.

In recent years, the Malaysian government has introduced new laws to regulate online gambling more effectively. In 2021, a news report from the New Straits Times stated that the Multimedia Minister proposed to the Finance Ministry to draft a bill that would enable the issuance of licences for online gambling. The reason for this proposal is that the government is unable to collect taxes if licences are not issued to online casinos in Malaysia. 


As the popularity of online casinos continues to rise in Malaysia, experts are calling for increased regulation to ensure the safety of players and prevent the negative effects of gambling addiction.

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