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Best Crypto casinos in Malaysia?


CasinoWhat is the most excellent online casino reviews site in Malaysia where you can bet with Bitcoins. CasinoWhat is also one of the most trusted sites to give you insights and everything you need to know about your cryptocurrency gambling. It ensures that all users are thoroughly educated and understand the benefits and risks of crypto gambling before they even feel its exhilaration. To assist with the work, CasinoWhat has an excellent Blogspot that is always up to date with helpful tips and tactics that will help you get started confidently.

CasinoWhat was formed when a group of technology and gaming enthusiasts came together to provide players with high-quality and unbiased reviews and information about online crypto casinos in Malaysia. As they realised the future and value of cryptocurrency, they determined that a crypto casino site was what they needed to give.

How to deposit via Crypto?

A crypto casino does not require you to deposit or play with bitcoin. It just takes a few simple steps to get started, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. To begin, you’ll need an exchange wallet and a digital wallet. An exchange wallet is where you buy bitcoin with a traditional debit card. The bitcoin wallet is where you store your bitcoin online and how you send and receive it for bitcoin gaming. CasinoWhat’s crypto casino is an innovative gambling platform with integrated cryptocurrencies that guarantee high transaction speed and secure payments.

Once your exchange and digital wallet are sorted, you can use your CasinoWhat account login to make a deposit. From inside your account, follow these steps:

1. Click the “DEPOSIT” button.
2. Select “Bitcoin” as your currency of choice
3. Either copy the generated address or scan the QR code
4. Open your digital wallet and hit “Send.”
5. Paste the address from the CasinoWhat page into your digital wallet
6. Enter your deposit amount and hit “Send.”

Which Cryptocurrencies are the most popular used by online casinos?

Cryptocurrencies are monetary entities with limitless potential. However, this breakthrough arrived with a bang, and various businesses, including e-commerce and online gambling, have adopted its use over the years.

The majority of gamblers want to play anonymously. However, with the advent of cryptocurrency into online gambling, players can be confident that their personal and financial information is protected and anonymous, even to the gaming platforms. The most used cryptocurrencies in online casinos include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Pros and Cons of playing at Crypto casinos?


  • Bitcoin is a decentralised currency. Because there is no central regulatory authority in the system, no one can remove your Bitcoins or freeze your ‘crypto account.’ Instead, you own your money and have complete control over it.
  • Bitcoin is safe. You cannot have your payment information taken. Bitcoin transactions don’t need submitting personal information, safeguarding you from identity theft. In addition, bitcoin transactions are irreversible, so there are no chargebacks, meaning the transaction cannot be reversed or altered, reducing merchant risks.
  • Bitcoin is extremely fast. Using cryptocurrencies to execute transactions at online casinos is faster. They can be finished almost instantly. However, some techniques may take hours.


  • Bitcoin is a volatile currency. You may win big at the casino only to discover that the value of your cryptocurrency has decreased, wiping out your profits. It’s a two-for-one bet.
  • Bitcoin has no refunds. Once you’ve sent money from your crypto-wallet, it’s gone. In addition, there is no redress if you transfer too much or to the wrong address, unlike credit cards and other methods that allow you to cancel payments on transactions.
  • The legal status of Bitcoin is disputed. Many countries’ governments have yet to state their position on cryptocurrencies or adopt any rules.

Why Cryptocurrency Gambling is the Future of the Casino Industry?

The online casino market is still growing and evolving. As a result, playing companies are constantly looking for new methods to improve their clients’ gambling experiences like Cloudbet and Bitcasino.

Cloudbet is the oldest and most trusted bitcoin sportsbook & casino operator with better odds in the markets.  If you’re looking for an online crypto casino with tons of rewards, Cloudbet will be your best choice with Welcome Bonus up to 5 BTC!

Bitcasino  is one of the best Crypto casino in the world. Bitcasino as part of the Coingaming Group, Bitcasino [link] has an expansive, quality casino product featuring more than 2000 games including Live Casino. You’ll be amazed how often they release new games on a weekly basis. They also offer the fastest BTC payout in the market.

So far, the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and others has been prevalent in the gaming business regarding blockchain technology. In addition, cryptocurrency gambling is getting increasingly popular, and legitimate gambling review sites like CasinoWhat now taking Bitcoin and other crypto casinos sites into their recommendation as well.

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