918Kiss: The Uprising Asian Sensation

918Kiss 918Kiss has been making headlines as the premier online casino in Malaysia, captivating players throughout the South East Asia region, marking its dominance in countries like Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Let us take a closer look into why this premier online casino is able to garner such an appeal in such a short time span.
Established: 2016
Language Offered: English
Game Selection: Blackjack
Casino Poker
Wheel Game
Dragon Tiger
Licences: Malta

The Asian Appeal

There are a multitude of online casino providers but 918Kiss stood out at an instant glance. As quirky as the name may sound, don’t be deceived by it as merely another online casino. They have been around for some time operating under the name of SCR888. The former was already highly successful but it did attract the unwanted attention and divided reviews leading to its notoriety which perhaps gave rise to its rebranding to 918Kiss. Over the years, they have undoubtedly garnered a better understanding on the perplexity and the needs of the average Asian players, giving them the absolute edge and adept in the provision of fun online entertainment. Launched as recent as 2018, its popularity has propelled ever since, making them the talk of the online gaming community.

For the avid slot game fans, chances are that you have visited the casinos in Malaysia that upon closer observation, one could see that slot machines dominate a huge area within the casino grounds. This came as no surprise because Malaysians or the visiting Asian players from nearby countries loved the simplicity of slot machines. There is minimal waiting time as opposed to having to wait for a round of Roulette to commence or end, with a certain amount of time given to place their bets and to compensate the winners at the end of every round. Moreover, slot games are catered for the masses as it doesn’t really require skill and just the basic understanding would suffice for a fun-filled day. 918Kiss has sealed the reputation that it needs to be known as one of the major provider of online slot games that are fun, fast and addictive.

Now that we are warmed up to what 918Kiss is all about and how it has become the Asian rising star, let us get better acquainted by the features, the good and the bad of the Asian leading premier online casino.

Accessibility of 918Kiss

Being a trusted provider means being reputable and ideally, backing or being backed by big names in the industry. Established since 1994, Microgaming is more than just a pioneer in the online casino industry. They are an industry leader, creating award-winning games for casino providers. Let these facts sink in and judge it for yourself:

  • Created over 800+ casino games with 700+ top performing partner games, supplying to big names like Gala Casino, William Hill, Bet365 and more
  • Created cross-licensed games with brands like Terminator 2™, Jurassic World™, Game of Thrones™, Bridesmaids™ and Lara Croft®
  • Paid out more than €1.2 billion in progressive jackpots and ongoing
  • Fully licensed by UKGC and regulated in more than 20 licensed jurisdictions
  • Responsible gaming with associations such as eCogra, MeGA, MGA, BGC and Gambling Commission Act 2005

Play It Safe

Aside from the overall game play when it comes to online casinos, one factor that absolutely cannot be compromised is the level of security provided by the online casino. 918Kiss runs safely on a secured and encrypted website. All transactions are handled with the utmost care and private details or information of the players are well protected.

With its growing online presence and popularity, its almost inevitable to say that most users would assume that the assurance given can justify downloading 918Kiss from just about anywhere. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. A lot of reports have been sprouting about unscrupulous agents or fraudsters claiming to be the providers of 918Kiss. These notorious opportunists would capitalise on the growing popularity, disguising as the genuine website and thus hurting the credibility of 918Kiss. So, before you set out to enjoy the numerous slot games provided by 918Kiss, make sure that you access it from a trusted source.

The Slot Games

Amidst the dazzling lights and sounds emitted from slot machines that can be typically found in land-based casinos, the adaptation is nothing short of a marvel when played online. Certain characters and its naming from the slot games by 918Kiss can be seen leaning towards the Asian influence and hence creating a form of familiarity to the Asian players. The common lingo used from the interface that is attuned to the locals further enhances the gaming experience for many, especially those in Malaysia.  Slot games by Kiss918 like Gong Xi Fa Cai, Dragon Ball Reels, Eight Immortals, Dragon King, Lucky Panda, Jade Empire and Hot Volcano are the trendiest and widely played by Asian gamers. Of course, the speculation of lucrative payouts and favourable odds from these few mentioned slot games made them more frequently played than others.

When compared to the bigger giants of internationally acclaimed online casinos, 918Kiss do measure up in some ways in the creation of a fan base of its own. Its layout and design may be less glamorous in comparison, but its simplicity and the use of local concepts evoke great passion that is fondly linked to the earlier days of slot machine operators.

User Friendly

As highlighted before, 918Kiss is designed to be mobile-friendly, with an interface that is easy to use and manoeuvre. Guidelines are well established to be helpful in assisting even new players that are not familiar with casino games. There is even a special mode catered for newbie to try it out that doesn’t require money to play. This is indeed a neat feature to encourage new comers that are still unfamiliar to test out the games without making hasty decisions to deposit immediately.

From making deposits to withdrawals, or the logging in process and game selection, every step is conveniently made to be easily understood and operated. 918Kiss accepts and has a secure payment system established with all major banks, making it highly convenient, hassle-free and accessible at all times for players.

A word of caution though; read through the terms and agreements before you decide to engage, especially on the processes of deposit, withdrawal, offering of bonuses and a player’s rights to avoid having a fallout or dispute after a brilliantly played game.

Final thoughts-918Kiss

There are many reports of impostors, impersonators and unscrupulous agents out there exploiting the gullible and careless players. There were numerous complaints raised on such unfortunate incidences as well as various forums on the internet that sing praises to the likes of 918Kiss, making the possibility of a direct opinionated outcome inconclusive.

Not much of background nor solid information were made readily available on the creators of 918Kiss but its reputation precedes the company. As much joy and fun it has offered to many players throughout South East Asia, it is pertinent to be vigilant, threading carefully and only stay with the official provider. Keep your eyes fixated on the jackpot and may lady luck always be by your side.

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