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Why Do Malaysians Hop Onto The Online Casino Bandwagon As Opposed To Land Based Casino


Why Do Malaysians Hop Onto The Online Casino Bandwagon As Opposed To Land Based Casino


To be fair, many Malaysians still love their land-based casinos especially when there are just so much things to do up in Genting Highlands. Before we look into the factors that brought many Malaysians hopping onto online casinos, let’s just take a brief look into what drew them to land-based casinos all these years, because from here, it offers a good insight into how does online casino Malaysia matches up. There is just one land-based casino in Malaysia and that is Resort World Genting. The late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong has made the impossible becomes possible with his relentless effort to pursue his dreams. Once a mountain of harsh environment, Tan Sri Lim and his partners managed to transform it into the Genting Highlands we know of today and it will always be an inspirational story even to a global audience. Many have taken the chance to visit him and even casino owners from Foxwood Resort Casino in the United States of America took the liberty to visit him at his residence in Gohtong Jaya to hear his inspirational story.

Inspirational because it was a feat like none other, from clearing the woods of an undiscovered terrain at that time to fighting the odds of putting a casino in a Muslim country. The glistening sight of the well adorned casinos inside of Resort World is truly a work of wonders. Top-notch facilities are in place making it an international entertainment hub. Aside from the vast casino grounds and plethora of games provided, it offers so much more for everyone with its unique theme park, eateries, international shows and astounding accommodation. With all this in mind, how can Malaysians justify turning to online casino Malaysia as their new source of entertainment? Well, it is not that entirely difficult when we look into the market segments. There are bound to be people that may not agree to this or some just want to venture into other offerings to discover a whole new world that they would never have imagined. Welcome to online casinos in Malaysia.


As fun as it may sound and as promising as land-based casino can be, it is a matter of fact that there is only one legalized land-based casino in Malaysia. With countless visits to the same old place, it will not only become cumbersome but a mundane process of travelling up and down just for a game or two. Locality-wise, it can be a put off for some at the thought of having to spend hours travelling up across dangerous highways and sometimes, punishing weather.

With online casinos Malaysia, you can be virtually anywhere. Of course, one would argue on the feel and experience one will get when playing in an actual casino. In these modern days, many experiences are gradually replicated, so much so that it feels so real and immersive. Take live dealers for example in one of the online casinos. What you see is the live footage broadcasted from one of the land-based casinos, projecting a stunning croupier dealing cards to you with a sweet smile. This is akin to sitting at the table fidgeting with your cards. High quality graphics prevail with superior sound quality that allows you to be surrounded by the ambience of being in an actual casino. Soft murmurs can be heard at the background of adjacent tables where other croupiers are dealing cards, managing dice or spinning the roulette so that you will feel the atmosphere at the comfort of your own space.

Secondly, the scarcity mentioned also applies to games and even the casino layout itself. It doesn’t make sense to keep changing the interior of a casino to suit the guests’ needs or for the fresh appeal but with online casino Malaysia, your favorite game can be broadcasted from anywhere within a click of a button to choose your favorite online casino to play with and with the most appealing layout. Let’s face it, the games provided by land-based casino may not be that extensive and would probably be limited by the available physical space. Space and limitations are a big issue when it comes to the evolving needs of great entertainment. The same old slot machines at the casino? The same type of games in the casino? It is improbable to constantly upgrade and change the type of slot machines available at the casino, whereas with online casinos, you can play your best slot games with the largest portfolio of titles to be easily browsed at. You wouldn’t be confined to limited choices anymore and as the saying goes, “the sky is the limit”.


Geographical challenges

There are many land-based casinos around the world and even within South East Asia alone, casinos are aplenty. It’s nice to travel and visit some of the casinos at times but in reality, it’s pretty excruciating to do so. Aside from the travelling concerns, there will be a large crowd of people hovering over the tables and worse off, to witness a brawl or some really heated up players, spoiling the atmosphere for games. Online casinos Malaysia allow players to play at the comfort of their homes at virtually anywhere and anytime of the day without the fuss of travelling, lining up to get in or to get your chips. No unnecessary crowd and without the noise of people moving around or talking, just you and your game. The only downside perhaps is the waiting time in some mode of payout that may take a longer time in online casino when you execute a withdrawal. That having said, the accompanying perks still beat the rest of the other nuisance each time.

Discretion and privacy are also much cherished by many players. Unless you are a VVIP, but to the general mass, it is hard to have a private room to play at or if you wish to stay away from prying eyes. Literally, no one would know when you are playing at the casino online from anywhere in the world. You could be commuting with the LRT in the heart of Kuala Lumpur while fidgeting with your mobile phone at some slot games. The advancement of technology has made it possible to break geographical challenges that was once not deemed possible. One can be chatting up with gorgeously looking croupiers that are broadcasted from a casino situated in Romania at one time and with a flick of a button, moving into another table game in another room at the same time. It’s almost omnipresent with online casino Malaysia. If you were to take a liking in traditionally clad costumes, look no further than the online lobbies broadcasted from top casinos located in Cambodia that usually gets its crowd from its bordering neighbor in Thailand. The live dealers are sensational which really spices up any game from the table with their alluring mannerism and appearance.

The lucrative perks

Just as you will get free accommodation vouchers and free meals in Genting Highlands which only points out to even more spending at their premises, online casinos  Malaysia are able to match up just that much in value at least or sometimes even in greater value, depending on your choice. It’s common to see online casinos offering sign-up bonuses, good promotions and lucrative incentives. Especially when games are taken online, there are much more ways to win and a lot of possible cross-overs in game can happen which also means more avenue to win or be rewarded. Unless a player is all about scoring free meal vouchers or accommodation, serious and seasoned players go for the kill in lucrative winnings from tournaments as well.

Occasionally, there are vacations up for grabs especially for high-rollers which is even a more lavish deal as compared to the offerings from land-based times. Some perks can be carried forward to other games as well. What it means is that, you may play a card game on a table and the online casino Malaysia may reward you with some free spins on your next slot games. It’s actually a really smart move to cross sell their products so that you get to play or try out another game in slots, similarly to getting free vouchers from land-based casino. Free accommodation also means that you are able to bring your whole family to enjoy the cool and crisp air in Genting Highlands while they get to spend the evening with loads of activities, which also accounts for additional spending at the entertainment outlets.

Exchanging your cash in return for extra chips are unheard of at land-based casinos. At best, it will be a membership card to accumulate points for goodies redemption. With online casino Malaysia, your first deposit itself already awards you with extra credits to play. From time to time, there are certain days or festivities to bump up the bonus offerings each time you make a deposit on that particular day. Crazy Wednesday or what they would call to enjoy double the amount when you deposit during that particular day. Sometimes you will get a certain amount of scratch cards. Any increase in odds of winning something is always a good thing. Who knows when lady luck would appear and the entire jackpot is yours.


The convenience

The most alluring aspect of online casino Malaysia is probably the convenience that it entails. With just any mobile gadgets and an active connection to the internet, one could play and indulge anytime and anywhere. You could be playing in the office, while commuting or in between breaks after a meal at home. It is just that convenient. The process is instantaneous without having to think too much or plan for logistics to head to anywhere. The whole world comes to you at the click of a button.

No more unmanageable tokens that is cumbersome to hold and to load into a slot machine. Well, the good news is that it is finally replaced with just a card to swipe for deposits and withdrawals. Then again, wouldn’t it be more comforting to just stick to your mobile phone with realistic graphics popping out, fuss free and on-the-go while playing?

Another convenience that will definitely kick off well is the ability to place your wager at multiple tables simultaneously. This feat couldn’t even be possible in a land-based casino, where a player still needs to move away from his/her current game and get to another table. In online casino Malaysia, some lobbies even accommodate up to 16 tables at the same time! Which means that you can monitor all these games simultaneously from a single screen and its interchangeable on whichever table you click upon. Many like-minded players would agree that games are becoming more aggressive and faster. Our demands for quick entertainment have escalated over the years. Better graphics, more realistic game play, better soundtrack in slots, more thrills and less frills are amongst the demands we have as consumers. The industry is changing really fast and at a rapid pace to suit the market’s demands. Online casinos just keep evolving to serve their clients better, ushering more and more players globally with attractive perks and the ever more convenience, control and options at their own hands.

The endless possibilities

There is no denying that the online world has captured so many possibilities that was unimaginable before. That is why online casinos Malaysia proliferated greatly in such a short span of time. It is relatively easier to set up and the business concepts are way more attractive. The fluidity of it keeps the investors high in anticipation of what is next to come.

In slots, so many possibilities could be achieved through online gaming. Newer titles are churned out every week leaning towards what is trendiest and latest in the market. Cross collaborations with movies and popular series are such a hit nowadays. You can have titles like Peaky Blinders to explore your favorite characters in your favorite game of slot. Marvel and DC universes are quick to catch up in the trend of a highly lucrative franchise once it is adopted into slots. A whole new immersive experience is born which makes the players wanting more. There is a time when we could only stick to whatever slot machines available in the casino and scoring the jackpot means everything while the source of entertainment is secondary. Alas, slots have become an entertaining past time that one would now be able to look forward to crazier themes, graphics, interesting gameplays, exceptional payouts and getting unimaginable bonuses.

Ever dream of being a contestant in a particular TV game show? This has also been made possible through online casino Malaysia. You will be faced with a chatty and bubbly host as she spins the wheel while you bet on the outcome as if you are actually on stage in a gameshow. How about an arcade-typed game of shooting at planes and fishes while scoring points to unlock your winnings? These are just some of the other exhilarating games apart from the old classics of cards and dice.

The esports arena is now the future of entertainment and Malaysians are picking it up gradually. There is just so much room for growth in this segment. Most kids grew up playing their favorite PC games and what better ways to take it to the next level when you can actually place your wages in a limitless betting possibilities? Which team do you support the most? Bet on it. What are the winning odds? Bet on it. What could be the difference in score between the opposing teams? Bet on it. The parameters to bet on is completely dynamic and fun. Just like in football where you can look at the odds and support your favorite football club, it will be the same in esports just that the matches are way more abundant and you can never run out of matches or tournaments due to the incessant number of players available in the world playing games like Counter Strike, Starcraft and DOTA.

One other amazing feature is the cross-over tournaments that are held from time-to-time in online casinos Malaysia. Test your skill to go pro in poker as you compete with world players on the similar platform. You can even compete in other video games in similar fashion that puts you in a major world tournament competing with the best players from other regions. When we talk about crossovers, it can also be winning in a collection of different games while climbing the scoreboard to outdo your opponents in every category. The possibilities are endless.

Online Betting In Malaysia

It comes as no surprise that Malaysians are enjoying betting in online casinos Malaysia. It has become a well-established culture that is identical to betting on sports or the lottery. The number of players are staggering and in time, most will rather turn to online casinos than spending time in a land-based casino.

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