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1XBET Malaysia – Complete & Honest Review 2023

Ratings for welcome bonus, website’s look & feel, list of games, deposit & withdrawal.

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1XBET Welcome Bonus

100% First Time Deposit Bonus up to RM600

Overall Rating

Promotion 4.8
Look & Feel 4.9
Games Selection 4.7
Customer Support 4.7
Deposit & Withdrawal 4.9
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The Platform

When accessing the 1XBet platform, it uses mirror links based on the location of the current user which matches it to the closest proximity of the user. This is to avoid the congestion of traffic going to the same website and thus reduced complications and glitches while enhancing smooth operations to a fully functional and well supported site. The myriad provision of games with its well-structured partners made it possible to encompass so many features onto one singular interface. It does get confusing at first and it would be highly ambitious to indulge in everything on it but just like how we enjoyed having thousand over channels on our TV box even though we can’t watch it all at once, the same applies when on 1XBet. The almost endless possibility thrills any users looking for a comprehensive platform. Some big names can be seen partnering and featured in 1XBet platform such as Pragmatic Play, Asia Gaming and Evolution Games. Mind you, these are all the big boys when it comes to live casino games. Overall, the entire platform is well represented with its immense offerings that make players feel right at home to search for high-end entertainment that promises exceptional quality, while at the same time exudes the feeling of being luxuriously premium. Let us take a deeper dive into the jam-packed platform.


The website is an incredible mesh of highly packed features that is laid out beautifully by categories without the feeling of being over crowded. All of its functional buttons are placed on a panel right on top that emphasizes on convenience. Users can check on results and statistics at the click of the button. Do take note that there is a “callback” button (the phone logo on top left of the homepage) to get you in touch with the operators in case you need them to call you back for service & support. The “bet via telegram” function is an interesting function that is ideal for the added privacy needed as well as the convenience in conveying your wager.

At the right-hand side of the top panel, you will find the settings icon denoted by the image of a gear. Hit on it and it will further reveal more functions at your disposal. In the settings, users can choose to have the European or the Asian view. Besides that, the odds format can be switched upon 6 types, namely US, UK, Decimal, Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malaysian. The intricacy of settings continue as users can change the font size and background colour. Even the time format could be selected to match up with real time events for your viewing pleasure. All in all, 1XBet’s well laid out platform doesn’t compromise functionality or images displayed.

The Platform and layout of 1XBET
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The list of products to play and to bet in 1XBet is so massive that you will be literally spoiled with choices on where to begin. The menu that categorizes these products might be confusing for beginners who first ventured into 1XBet. Fret not, as we have compiled a pretty handy list in a systematic category view so that you can familiarize yourself easily to start indulging in a faster manner. Do note though that this list may not follow the current menu layout word by word, but it will give you a pretty good idea of what 1XBet is offering in general.

There are two main categories that virtually sum up all the products available in 1XBet, which are Betting and Games. Let us explore them further below.


As the name implies, Betting section provides a host of betting parlours that you can readily wager your bets. Generally speaking, you can place bets on host of sports events (also popularly known as Sportsbook), live casino, numbers and Toto. We shall elaborate in details what 1XBet has in stores for you under this section.

1XBet Sportsbook

The company touts that their Sportsbook includes over 1,000 worldwide events daily and they are really understating this figure. At the time of this writing, football alone currently has more than 1,000 events running. How many sports can you bet; you may have asked? Popular sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, golf, boxing, handball, American football, hockey, baseball, table tennis, biathlon, Aussie rules, bandy, cricket, snooker, Formula 1, cycling, ski jumping, curling, floorball, inline hockey and water polo. These are just the tip of the iceberg; some of the more obscure ones like politics(?!), greyhound racing and recently hot ones like UFC and esports are part of the list as well. You can literally bet on almost anything that you could imagine and 1XBet is always on its toes to get it immediately playable in the platform.

Let’s simplify how the betting platform works in 1XBet. Once you have entered their Sportsbook section (simply called ‘Sports’), you will be greeted with a 3-column menu window. Each of the menu window can be scrolled up and down like a list. You begin with the leftmost menu window whereby you can go through a long list of sports that you want to partake. Each sport has its own number of events. By selecting your desired sport to bet, you can select top matches for a more popular betting avenue and you can also browse through the TOP Championships to bet on your national team (matches from your locally selected region) and other globally popular matches. Once you have selected your desired match from a sport, the second (middle) column menu window will show an extensive list of things that you can wager your bets with betting descriptions and its own betting odds that you can select. Once you have selected the betting odds (denoted by decimal numbers, positive or negative), your selection will be placed under the ‘Bet Slip’ which appears in the third (last) column menu window. You can place as many types of bets as you want, even from multiple sports that you have selected earlier and it will be conveniently placed in the Bet Slip menu. You can adjust your betting stake and the system will calculate your potential winnings. If you scroll down the third-row menu further, you will notice that at the same time you can play and bet in other than sport bets like card games, TVBet, mini slots and more.

1XBET Products of Sportsbook
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1XBet Sportsbook: MULTI-LIVE and Live Previews

One of the highlights of 1XBet Sportsbook is its ease of watching live matches for its sports offerings while betting. Simply select your favourite sports, browse through the available matches and check out if there’s a ‘Live’ logo on it. With a hosting of over 25,000 betting events, of which, 16,000 of them are streamed live, there are just way too many matches to watch. Whether you are watching it on a desktop or on your mobile gadgets, the viewing pleasure is pretty much retained with absolutely good video quality. What’s even cooler is that it supports up to 4 viewing screens simultaneously to keep track of up to 4 events. Some matches are just slower than usual from early until mid-game and having four games played on screen for you will undoubtedly enhance viewing pleasure.

In MULTI-LIVE section, you can create your own page and add multiple sports in a single page, together with live stream of selected matches and place bets in all of them simultaneously.

In Live Previews page, it shows you upcoming live events that are tied to fixed-odds sports betting. In this page, you can select whichever sports on the left column of the page that you wish to watch and bet. It’s a page that you should bookmark if you are a regular, active sports junkie and an avid bettor.

1XBet Live Casino

1XBet currently houses 20 global professional live casino providers from themselves under the guise of 1XLive and other big names like Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Lucky Streak, Vivo Gaming, Absolute Live Gaming, Ezugi, XPG, SA Gaming, AG Gaming, Gameplay Interactive, Super Spade Club, BetConstruct, Dream Gaming, HO Gaming, Medialive Casino, Atmosfera, Fazi Casino, LiveSlots and Virginia Live Casino. In Live Casino, you will find all the common live casino games such as baccarat, blackjack, jackpot, keno, poker, roulette & sic-bo.

By selecting the providers on the left column, a list of games will appear on the right column showing individual games with game types, language and betting range. With so many live dealers to choose from, it will be inevitable that you will end up finding one that is most preferable to you to engage in a longer play time. Otherwise, just exit from one lobby to the other with minimal effort, while still residing on the same platform. That is the absolute beauty of 1XBet where choices are given unconditionally.

1XBET Products of Live Casino
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1XBet Numbers

One of the simplest bets you can play with 1XBet is by guessing the outcome of the next drawn numbers. In the playing area, there are 75 numbered balls laid out in a 5 X 15 arrangement. During the game, three numbers will be drawn one after another, beginning with a countdown of about three and a half minutes time before the first numbered ball is selected, followed by the next over 30 seconds countdown for the second numbered ball, and another 30 over seconds countdown for the third numbered ball. You are to place the bets quickly before every number is drawn.

Winnings will be calculated based on the selected odds. There are multiple variations of available bets:

  • on a number
  • on a number within a specified interval
  • on a number in a specified horizontal line
  • next number drawn to be even/odd
  • next number drawn to be over/under the previous one
  • combo: over/under, even/odd
  • sum of drawn numbers to be even/odd
1XBET Products of Numbers
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1XBet Toto

Just like any other Toto that you have heard elsewhere, this is an online betting pool that are mostly based on correct guesses of match outcomes which when you hit the jackpot, you will earn from a 6-figure prize money to millions of dollars.

Toto bets at 1XBet come in bet slips from top sporting events. At the time of this writing, there are several kinds of Toto to play and each has their own rules of betting with its displayed jackpot money value:

Toto 15: A total of 15 different football matches from across the globe is displayed in this section. In your betting slip, you can choose for each match the prediction of the outcome, “1” for Home Win, “2” for Away Win and “3” for Draw. Only one outcome can be selected for each match and all predictions must be made before the first match included in the Toto starts. You can place a regular stake or batch bets with your desired stake amount per bet slip.

Correct Score: As the title suggests, you are to predict the scores from the selected football matches in a single draw. For every match, you may choose to select a single or multiple score predictions of each match with its inherent odds.

Football: This is similar to Toto 15 with the exception that it has 14 total football matches to predict.

Ice Hockey: Similar betting style as Toto 15 by predicting a Home Win, Away Win or Draw for 5 ice hockey matches.

Esports-FIFA: Similar betting style as Toto 15 but for esports games, currently for FIFA 20 and FIFA 21. At the time of this writing, this Toto has the highest jackpot amount with a total prize winning of RM2,621,427

Basketball: Betting on 9 basketball matches by placing variety of betting odds on Home and/or Away.

1XTOTO: This is a special offer by 1XBet whereby you can make your Toto prediction for free. Read the rules, terms and conditions before you place your bets. Prizes worth of bonus points can be won which will come handy in your betting journey with 1XBet.

1XBET Products of Toto
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Games section is different from the Betting section in terms of gameplay types and the nature of betting. Whereas Betting focuses more on sports-related events and live betting such as live sports and live casino, Games section focuses more on digital-based games. Let’s look at what 1XBet has in store for you.

1XBet Casino

Where 1XBet’s Live Casino provides a live stream casino betting experience, the Casino section houses all sorts of digital casino games. Currently, there’s a whopping 136 providers supplying tons of games and new ones are added on a frequent basis. It is also delightful to know that you can play these games for free to get a hang of how it works first before you can conveniently and confidently place your bets later.

The choice of games largely resembles what a live casino would have, with few more unique additions like drops & wins, megaways, 3D slots, bingo and others. They have also a dedicated section for Exclusive games which are only uniquely available in 1XBet for you to try it out. As a matter of fact, you will almost never run out of games to play and bet here.

1XBET Products of Casino
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1XBet 1XGames

The 1XGames section also houses unique selection of digital games to bet with different categorization than the Casino counterpart. They have categorized it into different genres like Card Games, Slots, Climb to Victory, Dice and Lotteries.

Upon closer inspection, the 1XGames section has its own sets of goodies and rewards that will be attractive for a more rewarding experience in betting continuously. The free spins on Lucky Wheel and Quest Of The Day where you complete a certain set of tasks will net you bonuses (and if you complete all three tasks, you will get an ultimate bonus). This resembles the common video games we play nowadays on the internet and some mobile app games where completing a list of task on the daily menu will reap you rewards to advance or gain some cool benefits through it. The main reward that is exclusive to 1XGames is the Cashback where every month you can choose two of your favourite games to receive 3% cashback per game. In each month, 1XBet will select a game for extra cashback of 5%. Cashback is credited as free spins for the Lucky Wheel. Do bear in mind that cashback can only be claimed once a day. So, make sure you make use of this feature to its fullest potential to gain the upper hand.

1XBET Products of 1XGames
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1XBet TV Games

The TV Games section is like a live-based, TV-like betting. Essentially, it is a live stream of a betting event that consists of variety of games which are card-based, number-based and lotto. Some of these live streams involve hosts that are usually scantily clad women and some are just digitized-based number draws. There are two types of TV Games offered under 1XBet:


At present, TVBet has a list of 12 live stream games for you to bet on which are:

  • Fruitrace
  • 1Bet
  • Lucky6
  • Backgmn
  • Wheel
  • Poker
  • War
  • 21Bet
  • Joker
  • 5Bet
  • 7Bet
  • Keno

All these games are live-streamed and they are of multiple variants revolving cards and numbers. Although each of those has its own way of how the game is played which yield different outcomes, the betting method is all the same. All you have to do is select from the list of outcomes before the result is drawn together with your placed stake of money. You can place a single bet or even accumulator bets (which simply means placing several outcomes on your bet slip).

The TVBet platform is cleanly laid out with clearly defined buttons to select your desired games to play and bet, together with a handy list of how to play, rules, live-stream of selected game, bet history and results.

Live Lotto

As the name suggests, the betting platform in this live lotto game is quite humongous. The platform is cleanly laid out where you can select which studios to join and each studio has its own set of exclusive lotto games. At any point in time, you can select which studio that you would like to live-stream the content and also select the lotto games that you wish to play.

All the games are commonly similar whereby a certain number of balls with numbers are drawn out from a machine. As you are watching this on a live stream, you place your bets by guessing the number that will appear before each ball is being physically drawn out. Each game has its own set of rules, so pay attention to them before you can confidently place your bets.

Winners will win cash prizes. Winners list can be seen at the Top Winners section where you can see top 20 winners in terms of total cash won and also winners for the last 24 hours.

1XBET Products of Live Lotto
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1XBet Bingo

There are currently 9 providers supplying many renditions of the traditional bingo game. From colourful lifelike graphics kind of bingo to popular cultural references like the Huaguoshan Legends from the Chinese mythology, there are many bingo games that you can explore here to your hearts content.

1XBET Products of Bingo
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1XBet Bitcoin

This is an account opening page for you to deposit the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin instead of fiat currency to play in 1XBet. There are several benefits that you can enjoy by betting with Bitcoin:

  • Anonymity since you do not need to provide your personal details
  • Fast top up within 5 minutes
  • Secure transaction with no interference and restriction
  • No service charge for deposit and withdrawal


Scratch Cards

Supplied by the provider Hacksaw Gaming, scratch cards are a simple and straightforward betting game, whereby you place your bets to ‘scratch’ several matching objects to win cash. There are 43 scratch card games available currently; the graphics are vibrant and colourful and it’s pleasant to play. Some of these cash prizes can be huge, in the region of millions of dollars.

1XBET Products of Scratch Card
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Similar to buying physical lottery tickets but you can buy it online through 1XBet’s Lottery. You can buy lottery tickets on daily draws, weekly and monthly. These lottery tickets come in 7-digit numbers. You can buy as many tickets as you can and the more you buy, the higher chance that you will win.

Depending on which period of lottery tickets you are buying, the results will be displayed independently, where daily will have its own results, weekly has its own and so on. The tickets that have not won in the daily lottery will be entered into the weekly lottery draw, and then the remaining tickets get another chance to win in the monthly lottery draw. This means the chance of winning increases across time.

There is also a draw history where you can check past results through a calendar style display.

1XBET Products of Lottery
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Virtual Sports

Think of virtual sports like Sportsbook betting, with the exception that all of the real players and real environments are being replaced with high graphical quality of virtual players, contestants and its surrounding environments.

There is a total of 8 providers supplying tons of virtual sports games. The visuals and animations of some of these games are quite astounding. The mode of betting is pretty similar to Sportsbook style, so that you will not feel out of place or unfamiliar if you are used to Sportsbook betting. Try virtual sports betting as another unique alternative for your gaming pleasures if you are craving for something different yet in a familiar territory.

1XBET Products of Virtual Sport
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Other Games

1XBet reserves a dedicated page for less played, obscure games in this section. Currently, there are 6 providers that supplied multiple games each. It is a mixture of same kind of variations found in other game sections like dice, keno, board games and cards. Unique but simplistic ones like Zeppelin and Aviator are betting multipliers that appear while the planes/zeppelins fly at random distance. This section has less players participating in playing them as compared to other sections in 1XBet, but nonetheless you may browse them at any time to have a look on what you can bet.


Support & Security

1XBet uses highly encrypted systems to assure security is at its best. A two-factor authentication process was adopted to counter unauthorised access to customers’ accounts. This goes on to show that 1XBet takes security measures seriously to protect its clients.

In Malaysia, the nearest support team for correspondence is located in the Philippines. A WhatsApp number +63 996 772 0840 can be contacted and an email address, [email protected] is provided as well for email-based correspondence. These contact details can be found easily on the main page of 1XBet platform. 1XBet is also on a few social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to follow up on the latest news and updates.

1XBet support team is trained to be professional and knowledgeable in handling the client’s issues. The live chat option is available for you to speak to a representative to address your issue immediately. The department is made available 24/7 to assist users promptly. As a tip to ensure that you always have a pleasant service experience, if you have an unresolved issue that has been lingering for a while, make sure to keep tabs of the correspondence and remark on the past history that took place each time you reach out. This will ensure that the string of conversation do not get lost nor misrepresented when the message is passed onto a different handling personnel each time.

Language & Accessibility

1XBet probably has more languages than even Duolingo itself! With 36 languages made available, the language barrier will cease to exist for most countries around the world. Attention to details is a strong trait of 1XBet that is caring enough to include the country’s flag next to each language options that is easy for users to manoeuvre.

In terms of accessibility, the platform can be accessed via a multitude of ways that supports Windows, iOS and Android. Loading time is reasonably fast and the downloadable apps make it ever more convenient for players. Seamless integration is present when viewed on a desktop or over the mobile phone. The whole experience with 1XBet platform has been euphorically enjoyable. As with any live matches, it is best viewed on larger screens and therefore it’s best appreciated when viewed from a desktop with larger monitor screen or even a projector.

In Malaysia, accessing 1XBet will take to you its mirror link with the domain name


There are tons of ways to deposit and withdraw money from 1XBet. To date for Malaysia region, there are:

  • 51 ways to do deposits in forms of bank cards, e-wallets, payment systems, internet banking, bank transfer and cryptocurrency
  • 44 ways to do withdrawals in forms of bank cards, e-wallets, payment systems, internet banking, bank transfer and cryptocurrency


Deposits can be done pretty easily and swiftly with 1XBet through numerous available payment systems. Before that, users need to register an account through the assigned mirror link of 1XBet or if you are using an app be it on Android or iOS, the step by step guide is a convenient one-click process. We’ll save you the time and remind you that the promo code is 1XMORE so that you don’t miss the welcome bonus. Bear in mind that the offers or bonuses varies from country to country and so it would be helpful to refer to the bonus table to get acquainted with it. Upon coming to the deposit options, you will be presented with a wide variety of options for you to select what’s best as each method comes with a different minimum limit. Last but not least, you may follow your chosen payment method’s procedure to complete the transfer into your 1XBet account. That’s it, it’s as simple as it gets.


On the withdrawals, the process works on 3 parameters. On the selection of the desired withdrawal method, it will also vary between country and region. Aside from that different charges may apply based on where one is based at. The third parameter would be the withdrawal amount which follows a range of minimum to maximum amount allowed at one given time depending on the country as well as the chosen method. Typically, the withdrawal options take approximately 15 minutes to conclude but bank cards and bank transfers takes up to 7 days from the day the withdrawal was initiated. It is advisable to exercise some precautions by trying it out first with smaller amounts of deposits and intermittent withdrawals to gauge its reliability as some countries seemed to differ in the timing of withdrawal.

Other Facilities

Banking facilities and options are downright captivating with so many choices for the ease of transaction offered. Do take note that each payment type may differ in terms of withdrawal time and of course will vary from country to country as some payment options may not be available in certain countries. Most of the local leading banks in the country are featured to facilitate transactions to and from 1XBet. Typically, deposits are instantaneous while withdrawals would take up to 15 minutes on average, while bank cards and bank transfer take up to 7 days to process. 1XBet also accepts crypto currency such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Dash which only takes 15 minutes for withdrawals to be completed. Internet banking, e-Wallets, mobile transfer and e-vouchers takes a considerable 15 minutes time as well on withdrawals. Be sure to check on each payment system and to check it against the country’s local provision to fulfil your banking needs.


None is as exciting, as big and as controversial as 1XBet when it comes to sports booking. 1XBet hailed from the largest country in the world, Russia which spans across Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Known over the world for their eccentricity and notoriety in so many ways, it came almost as no surprise that 1XBet’s antics and fashionable promotions would catch incredulous attention and perhaps attract way more unwanted controversies than they had bargained for. 1XBet was established in year 2007 in Russia as a physical bookmaker that operates approximately 1000 bookmaking shops all across the country as well as other CIS countries such as Georgia. Their early success has solidified their reputation as a great bookmaker entity with the experience and expertise in managing one of the most vastly spread network of bookmakers. In the year of 2011, the company applied for a gaming license with the Curacao eGaming authority through the company, 1XCorp NV and was then onwards based in Cyprus. With the newly authorized eGaming license, 1XBet has gone international with its expanding portfolio to cater to players around the world. Initially, 1XCorp NV manages the network that provides a list of services that include sports betting and casino games with client support services. The company’s partner, Exinvest Limited which was founded in the year 2005 with licensing from Cyprus, owns and operates 1XSlot which is one of the few portfolios within 1XCorp NV. The number of players on 1XBet has gained momentum and amassed nearly half a million in total users. Diversification was seen to happen rapidly with online sports betting that began to focus on popularized sports in every respective country intended for market penetration. Online casinos, Bingo, TOTO betting, eSports, virtual sports and cryptocurrency exchange were up along with its massive portfolio in sports betting.

1XBet has garnered mainstream attention especially when they have sponsored and partnered with many major football clubs as well as delving into exclusive sporting games that are very popular in certain countries such as cricket in India. The highly celebrated game coverage of cricket was received with immense pure joy by India, making 1XBet well recognized throughout the country. 1XBet has accomplished numerous feats that are otherwise unattainable by their peers. Bold attempts were made no doubt to gain the upper hand in market share but it was also well equated and corresponded with their investment to gain worldwide reputation. In the year 2019, it has enjoyed quite spectacular growth with the brief sponsoring of football clubs such as Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC. 1XBet continued to support other sporting clubs, particularly FC Barcelona Serie A and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) which of course is considerably less hyped in view of the previous sponsored clubs. With extensive experience that spanned almost one and a half decade, 1XBet has definitely dominated the arena of Sportsbook, amassing massive global players. Many sporting events happens daily and the evolution of gaming, sports as well as currency use has made a company like 1XBet formidable while tackling fierce changes along the years and adapted well to dish out one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the industry.


Coming to the various offers in bonuses, cash amount and free spins; 1XBet has made it amazingly alluring with so many goodies on the table. Upon signing up, use the promo code given to take full advantage in increasing the value of the promotional package. Depends on what you wage on, the welcome bonus in sport betting gives you back bonuses in credits form while on casinos, aside from the additional cash credited back into your account, it also rewards free spins. Lucky Friday Deposit Bonus and x2 Wednesday Promotion – make use of these 2 days to reward deposits made. Existing users can even take advantage of the 10th Deposit Bonus from casino offers which reward players with loyalty. Make your first minimum deposit of RM5 and get back up to RM500 in promotional bonus. 1XBet takes care of their Malaysian players and offers lucrative promotions and bonuses across their first 4 deposits in the following manner:

First deposit 100% matched bonus of up to 1,500 MYR and 30 spins on Book of Gold: Classic. Minimum deposit of 50 MYR is required to get this bonus.
Second deposit 50% matched bonus of up to 1,750 MYR and 35 free spins on Legend of Cleopatra. Minimum deposit of 75 MYR is required to get this bonus.
Third deposit 25% matched bonus of up to 2,000 MYR and 40 free spins on Solar Queen. Minimum deposit of 75 MYR is required to get this bonus.
Fourth deposit 25% matched bonus of up to 2,250 MYR and 45 free spins on Imperial Fruits: 40 Lines. Minimum deposit of 75 MYR is required to get this bonus.

In view of this, this means that potentially, players have the ability to get a welcome bonus of up to 7,500 MYR and 150 free spins in total!

Aside from deposit bonuses and rewards, they offer much more rewards on a week to week basis for customer retention and satisfaction. Promotions vary from country to country and make sure to follow closely on its announcement from time to time.