The History and Evolution of Slot Machines

1 The History and Progression of Slot Machines
2 Charles Fey: The Father of Liberty Bell
3 Herbert Mills: The New Demand and Upgrade for Liberty Bells
4 How Do Original Slot Machines Function?
5 The Upgrades and Innovations of Bally Manufacturing
6 The Debut and Growing Popularity of Online Slots
7 The Ultimate Cheat Sheet in Winning and Strategizing in Online Slot Machine

   -Top Ten Tips in Winning and Scoring on Online Slot Machine Games
8 The Complete Glossary of Online Slots Terminology
9 The Complete Rules in Playing Online Slot Machines

10 Bonus Symbols and Their Uses

11 Etiquette and Mannerisms in Playing Online Slot Games
12 The Six Most Common Types of Online Slot Games

13 The Top Five Types of Bonus Rounds in Online Slot Games

14 Six Essential Factors in Selecting an Online Slot Machine Games Site

The History and Progression of Slot Machines

Slot machines are perhaps some of the most universally loved casino games ever made. Whether it is online slot games or land-based slot machine games, there are many to choose from. In this article, we will be looking into the history of slot machines, and how they have developed and changed over the years.

Charles Fey: The Father of Liberty Bell

Charles Augustus Fey is often well known as the creator of the very first slot machines. The earliest known slot machines were commonly found in hair salons and was used as an opportunity for salon customers to win cigarettes. The very first version of mechanical slot machines was named “Liberty Bell”.

The Liberty Bell slot machine came with three spinning reels, with symbols of Diamond, Spade and Heart painted around each reel accompanied by the image of a cracked Liberty Bell. A spin that resulted in three Liberty Bells in a row would reward the most payoff, which was a grand total of fifty cents.

Herbert Mills: The New Demand and Upgrade for Liberty Bells

There was a large growing demand for Liberty Bell slot machines even though they had been publicly banned in 1902. Because cash prizes could no longer be given out, this introduced us to the era of Fruit Machines, in which Liberty Bells will reward prizes in forms of chewing gums and fruit-flavoured sweets.

The creator of Liberty Bells, Charles Fey, was not able to build Liberty Bells quick enough in his tiny shop. While many gambling supply manufacturers attempted to purchase the manufacturing and distribution rights, Charles Fey refused to sell the Liberty Bell to them.

In 1907, Herbert Stephen Mills, a Chicago based manufacturer, produced a new type of slot machine that is known as the Operator Bell. By the following year, the new slot machine can be found in many shops that sold cigarettes, bowling alleys, as well as salons. Another new upgraded feature for the slot machine included the BAR symbol that many of us would recognize nowadays, and the symbol was based on the logo of the Bell-Fruit company.


How Do Original Slot Machines Function?

There are three metal hoops inside every cast iron slot machine, these metal hoops are known as reels. There are 10 symbols painted on each reel. In order to spin the reels, one would have to pull a level. Once the reels stopped, the slot machine would only reward the winner if the outcome of the reel is 3 similar symbols lined up. The payoff in coinage would then be distributed from the slot machine.

The Upgrades and Innovations of Bally Manufacturing

In the 1960s, another upgrade was introduced to the slot machine industry by Bally Manufacturing, a company that produced arcade games and other coin-powered machines for over 30 years. In order for the slot machine to recognize a large number of payout chances, Bally had implemented the usage of electro-mechanical circuitry into the machine.

In addition, Bally replaced the single-coin slicer with a hopper payout mechanism, this enables a slot machine to pay out as much as 500 coins without the assistant of an attendant. Bally also installed music chips into those microprocessors, which gave the slot machine the ability to produce different sounds when coins were put in or when the reels were spun.

With Bally’s innovations and upgrades, this enabled slot machine production to surpass its competitors and ruled the slot machine industry by 90% during the 1970s in Nevada. Bally created their first slot machine called “809” in 1967, which provides a payout that is equivalent to its deposited amount. The bets for the slot machines were set at one count minimum, and 5 coins as the maximum wager.

Bally Manufacturing released its Series E in the 1980s, which marks a huge leap forward to the slot machines we know today. These new slot machines implemented microprocessors that controlled the movements of the machine. The E Series slot machines were also able to capture and store information about different metrics through the new technology, such as the most recent payout, the times of the slot machine being played, the amount of payout and so on.

The Debut and Growing Popularity of Online Slots

With the soaring popularity of the internet in the mid 1990s, this introduced to us the debut of the first online casinos. Initially, online casinos only included classic casino games online, like roulette and blackjack. It wasn’t that long until slots were included in online casino games as well. The popularity of online slot machines continue to boost alongside its many online casino games, which led online slot games to become a big hit as a common game selection for many online casinos.

Initially, the style of the online slot games remained similar to land based slot machines, with the exact same number of reels and the similar type of symbols. However with the emergence of new types of online games and the removed restrictions for computer programming, soon online slot games came with new interesting themes as well as different layout and game structure.

Today, many online slot games found in online casinos come with over 5 reels, unusual layouts, a rich selection of themes, limitless different symbols, unique and creative bonus rounds, as well as special game features.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet in Winning and Strategizing in Online Slot Machine Games

Top Ten Tips in Winning and Scoring on Online Slot Machine Games

With the ongoing and growing popularity of the online casino industry, online slot machine games are growing to be a big hit among the online gaming community. Online slot machine games are fast-paced, come with immersive visual images, fun themes, good soundtracks, as well as large jackpots combine, which makes these games irresistibly popular for many.

In this article, we will be looking into the top ten tips for you to optimize your winning potential in scoring big wins for online slot games.

a. Start With the Basics

If you are still new to online slot games, it is recommended to start with the basic games first. Once you have adapted yourself with the basic slot games, you can move on to the more challenging advanced ones. It is important to give yourself the time to learn online slot games and go at your own pace, instead of getting pressured about moving forward to win.

b. Check the Pay Tables

When choosing an online slot game, it is a good idea to take a look at the pay tables and decide which slot game is better for you to play before spending your bankroll. Every online slot game comes with its different forms of paytable and their variations might surprise you.

The small variations in pay tables can ultimately make a great impact on your bankroll in the long run. Therefore, it is important to go through detailed reviews online regarding online slot games. Knowing which online slot game and their pay tables of your choice can greatly improve your bankroll.

c. Check Your Bankroll Before Playing

Another advice many longtime experienced online slot players for new online slot gamers is to do a check on your bankroll before playing. This Is important as you would like to make sure you can keep track of how much you are playing and how much you can afford to lose.

Therefore, you should check the full wager range for the online slot machine before placing your first bet. You should also ensure that the wager accommodates to your budget so you can spend the time playing slots and have fun while making sure you don’t overspend your bankroll.

d. Should I Bet Max or Not?

While many online casino sites would recommend their players to “bet max”, this part is quite true. The reasoning behind betting bex is that slot games come with multiple paylines when you are betting max, which means you can win some large multiline winnings.

However, it is also essential to remember that with RNG (Random Number Generators), your chances of winning online slots will still remain the same regardless if you are making maximum bets or minimum bets. Betting max will not improve your chances of winning.

You can still win on online slots through making a minimum bet, just as much as you can lose when making a max bet. Therefore, you should always play within your bankroll budget and set limits to yourself to make sure you gamble and spend responsibly.

e. Utilize Free Spins to Your Advantage

The online casino industry is often very competitive, as they would look for new ways to attract new players to their website. Many online casinos tend to provide free spins on certain online slot games as an effort to attract new players as well as get old players to play on their online casino sites.

Therefore, you should utilize your chances for free spins. Free spins are a great way to test the difficulty level of specific online slot games, learn how to place better bets, and perhaps win and score in online slot games without spending any money.

f. Look Out for Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are the key to win jackpots prizes as well as unlocking free spins in online slot games. As compared to regular slot games, themed slot games and 3D slots give you the larger chance of winning because of their bonus arounds. Bonus rounds also provides you a good chance of optimizing most of your winnings. Therefore, you should know where to find bonus rounds as well as how to play them to make the most out of your online slot gaming.

g. Choose Slot Games with Smaller Jackpots

More often than not, slot games with smaller jackpots are easier to win, which can boost your chances of gaining big wins. On the other hand, slot games with bigger jackpots are more likely to make you lose in the short run. Big jackpots slot games take up a lot of playing hours to build the large jackpots and it also limits your chances of winning. Therefore, if you are a beginner, it is better to start with playing smaller jackpot slot games and advance to the bigger jackpot games once you have enhanced your skills in online slots.

h. Take Advantage of Special Online Casino Slot Bonuses

One of the best ways to improve your bankroll in online casinos is to optimize any online casino bonus offers given from time to time. Many online casinos tend to provide their users a large range of bonuses that can range from weekly bonuses, seasonal bonuses or welcome back bonuses for longtime absent players.

Thanks to the efforts of online casino’s marketing departments, these online casino bonuses can pop out of nowhere sometimes. Special promotions often revolve around a new game launch or a special event which comes with free spins or reload bonuses for their players. You might require a special bonus code to claim these offers. Therefore, you should be sure to read every email or text message from the online casinos because these bonus offers tend to be thoughtful.

i. Play Slot Games for Free

One of the best ways to enhance your online slots strategy and to learn more about online slot games is by playing the game for free. Fortunately, many online casinos provide their new players the chance to play online casino games and online slots for free. This means you can enhance your online slots skills without spending a single cent.

Playing slot games for free also gives you the chance to learn more about pay tables, the features and other game features like wilds or multipliers. You can also try playing bonus rounds to better understand the odds of winning online slots. Playing online slot games for free is a great way to discover if you’re ready to play online slots with real money.

j. Take Your Time

The final step for playing online slot games is to take your time. It can be quite easy to be caught up in the excitement of the games, and resist to prevent yourself from overspending your bankroll. Overall, you should just relax, take your time to strategize and enjoy the game.

To conclude, online slot games are a great way to unwind and kill time. However, if you are not careful you might end up losing money and time too. Therefore, it is important to know the right online slot games to play and figure out the strategy your movements to optimize your bets,


The Complete Glossary of Online Slots Terminology

Whether you are playing slot games for the first time or have been playing the virtual version online for a long time, there are times when you would come across unfamiliar words. Fear not, this list of online slot terminology and their definition to help you familiarize yourself and understand what these words mean.

  • 3D Video Slots: Often available in online slot games, this version of slot games contain intense visual graphics to give the players a three-dimensional effect while playing the games.
  • 3 Reel: A 3 reel refers to a 3 reel slot machine that has three spinning columns of symbols.
  • 5 Reel: A 5-reel refers to a 5 reel slot machine that comes with five spinning columns of symbols. The 5-Reel slots games are often found in online slot machine games.
  • 6 Reel: A 6 reel refers to a 6 reel slot machine that comes with six columns of spinning symbols. Six-reel slot games often come with additional features.
  • Action: Action refers to the overall amount that a slot player can wager on a certain period of time. Action is often used for bonus offers, for clearing bets, as well as rollover requirements.
  • Active Payline: An active payline is “switched on” and gives out a reward if the slot machine lands on a winning combination. Many online slot machines allow you to activate and deactivate paylines to adjust the wager.
  • Autospin/Autoplay: An autoplay, sometimes known as an autospin, is a feature that allows you to set a wager and number of spins for the slot machine to automatically perform. Usually, you can cancel autoplay for online slots after any round.
  • Bars: Bars are classic black slot symbols with white printed words that spell out “BAR”. Bars often have the lowest payouts, and they are available in single, double, or triple stacked versions.
  • Basic Slots: A Basic slot refers to three-reel machines with a single payline. The prize would always remain the same, and there are no special features for this online slot game.
  • Bet: A bet is a wager that players can wager on each slot machine spin.
  • Bonus Feature/Bonus Game: Bonus Games, also known as Bonus features, offers players features such as free spins, bonus wilds, or another big potential to win.
  • Bonus Round: A bonus round is an in-game event that online slot players can make specific decisions to win extra prizes.
  • Buy-A-Pay: Buy-A-Pay refers to payouts that a player gets only if there is a certain wager amount per spin. It’s important to take notice of this as the jackpot sometimes won’t be available unless you’re betting a certain amount.
  • Classic Slots: Classic slot refers to a classic slot machine, and it comes with three reels and only a few paylines. Classic slot machines commonly use vintage symbols such as bars, bells, 7s and fruits.
  • Coins: Coins are the overall amount of money you have in a slot machine.
  • Coin Size: A coin size refers to the value to eat coin or credit when you are betting at an online or physical slot machine. Coin sizes can range from as little as RM0.01 to as much as RM100. The amount of coin size can be multiplied by the amount of paylines to determine the overall bet.
  • Collect Button: The collect button is a button whereby players can collect and retrieve their remaining credits from the slot machine.
  • Columns: Columns are the vertical lines of symbols that spin within a slot machine. The term Column can be used interchangeably with reels.
  • Demo Mode: Demo mode, otherwise known as demonstration mode or practice mode, provides players the “fun balance” when playing a slot game. In demo mode, you do not win real money and your balance does not carry over.
  • Feature: A feature refers to additional bonuses, free spins, as well as side games that you can unlock with specific winning combinations from playing slot games.
  • Free Play: A free play allows players to play slot games without the risk of losing any money. Many online casinos would provide free plays on the demo modes for their online slot machine games.
  • Free Spins: Free spins provides chances for players to spin the reels and win prizes without having to place a bet. You earn free spins on online slot game features or with casino bonuses.
  • Gamble: Gamble refers to a feature that can be found in slot machine games. A gamble feature provides players the chance to double the amount of their previous winnings.
  • Hit: A “hit” is to complete a winning combination in an active payline of a slot machine.
  • Jackpot: A Jackpot is the highest possible reward for playing a slot machine game. More often than not, players can only hit the jackpot when winning at the max bet.
  • Line Bet: A line bet is a wager that players can make on a single slot machine line. If the player scores a winning combo, the line bet outcome will determine the winning payout.
  • Max Bet: A max bet refers to Maximum bet, and it refers to the highest amount of bet a player is allowed to wager per spin. There is a max bet button on slot machines in most slots where the player can choose to adjust the amount of their wager automatically. Sometimes, one can win the jackpot if they win at playing the max bet.
  • Min Bet: A min bet, otherwise known as Minimum bet, is the smallest amount of bet a player can make on playing slot machine games. Often, min bet only limits to one credit per payline and the amount of wager can be as little as RM0.01.
  • Mobile Slots: Mobile slots are often available in online slot games, they come with intuitive touchscreen controls for mobile phones and tablets. Players can also play mobile slots on web browsers for mobile devices as well.
  • Multi-Line: Multi-line slot games come with a lot of many paylines. Each multiline can boost your wager and your chances of winning.
  • Multiplier: A multiplier slot is a feature or symbol that can boost your winning payouts significantly. For instance, a 3x multiplier can boost your win by triple times.
  • Nudge Slots: A nudge slot contains symbols that move up or down when the reel has stopped. Nudge slots help to provide additional wins and a boost of excitement to slot titles.
  • Numbers: Numbers are symbols that can be often found on slot machine reels. Traditionally, numbers on reels are “7”, but one can also find symbols such as “9”, “10”, “J”, “Q”, “K”’ and “A” on slot machine reels as well.
  • Payline: A payline is a line or pattern that a winning combination requires to land on in order to win a reward. A payline can be straight, zig-zag, or diagonal in multiple directions.
  • Payout: A payout is the amount of money a player can win when the player scores a winning combo. A player’s wager, the symbols as well as the active multipliers can affect the payout outcome.
  • Pay Table: A paytable is a page or section that lays out how much a player can win on a slot machine. Besides payout, a pay table displays the symbols, rules of how to activate the slot machine, as well as bonus features.
  • Progressive Jackpot: A progressive jackpot slot comes with a grand prize that boosts with each spin until it is won. The payouts of progressive jackpots can often reach a lot of money that can go up to hundreds and thousands of ringgits.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG): Random Number Generator (RNG) can determine the outcome of a slot machine’s symbols. RNG is based on a mathematical algorithm that enables genuine and fair random placement for each spin.
  • Reels: The Reels refer to the columns found in slot machines that come with many symbols within the columns.
  • Reel Stop: A reel stop is the position of each reel of a slot machine.
  • Return-to-Player (RTP): Return-to-Player (RTP) is a percentage of the overall wagered money that the slot machine returns back to the players. The number of the RTP is determined over the amounts of spins.
  • Rows: Rows refer to the horizontal line where the slot symbols would land on in a slot machine.
  • Scatter: A scatter refers to the scatter symbol that awards the player with a payout. Often, the scatter symbol can unlock a bonus round or a special feature for online slot games.
  • Second Screen Bonus: The second screen bonus is a feature players can unlock when playing online slot games. The second screen bonus can take players away from the basic reels and place them into a mini-game with a different format.
  • Select Lines: The “select lines” button enables players to either activate or deactivate their paylines. Select lines can affect your wager and chances of scoring a payout.
  • Skill Based Bonus Rounds: Skill based bonus rounds are mini games within the slot game that test the player’s skills and awards prizes to the player for better performance.
  • Slant Top: Slant top refers to Slant Top Slot Machines, these slot machines are wide and short games that save space. Slant top games are available in online casino slot games, and they allow the player to have a more enticing gaming experience, especially on video slots.
  • Slots Lever: A slot lever is the arm on the side of a slot machine.
  • Slots Tournament: A slots tournament is a tournament whereby players are playing against each other within a set time limit or a number of credits. The player with the highest score at the end of the slots tournament wins bonus prizes or free play credits. Slots tournaments are available in online slot games.
  • Slot Type: Slot types can range from various slot games, such as progressive slots, video slots, 3D slots, and other such titles that come with a lucrative payline.
  • Spin: A spin refers to a single round for a slot machine game.
  • Staggered Payout: Staggered payout refers to a slot machine that provides a larger payout to their players when the player makes a bet with more coins.
  • Total Bet: A total bet is the overall total of coins wagered based on your current settings. The coin size and number of active paylines can be multiplied to determine the credits for each spin.
  • Unique Reels: Unique Reels can be found in online slot games. Unique reels is a slot game that consists of unusual reels that do not implement traditional column layout. The reels can range from hexagon, tower or even a side-scrolling display.
  • Variance: Slot machine variance refers to the consistency of the slot game. A low variance comes with often smaller prizes; while a high variance comes with larger but less frequently won prizes.
  • Video Slot: A video slot does not have any moving parts, as contrast to traditional slot machine games. Video slots can be found in online slot games, and the spinning reels come with screen stimulation, amazing visual images and quality sound effects.
  • Wild: A wild slot symbol is a symbol that can replace any other symbol in the game to help players create a better winning combination in the slot game, except for scatter symbols or bonus symbols.
  • Wild Multiplier: A wild multiplier is a feature that positively affects the payouts of combinations for players. A wild multiplier also applies to wild symbols.
  • Win: A win happens when players score a correct winning combination of symbols in an activated payline.
  • Win Both Ways: Win Both Ways refers to scoring a paying combination that can happen from either left-to-right or right-to-left.
  • Zig-Zag: A zig-zag payline occurs when the outcome of the spin is a crooked line across the rows and columns of the reels. A zig-zag often comes with interesting payline layouts for the spin.

The Complete Rules in Playing Online Slot Machines

The Basic Functions of Slot Machine

Slot games are perhaps one of the most recognisable and evergreen features of any casino/ Whether you are playing slot games in land-based casinos or playing it online, the rules for all slot games remain the same: you enter your money to place your bet, start the game by pulling a lever or selecting a button, then the outcome of the combination of spinning reels will determine if you have won or lost.

For online casinos, the combination you will get once you have placed your bet is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) system. RNGs are used to ensure that the outcome of slot machines cannot be predicted. This makes your odds of winning at any online slot games about the same at each stage of your betting.

If you are playing slot games in land-based casinos, you place your bet by inserting your money into the slot of the slot machine. Land-based slot machines function through a currency acceptor, which allows you to pay via notes or coins.

The Features of Online Slot Machines

Slot machine games come with a wide range of various features: some slot games use vibrant visual images to enhance the immersion of the game while some come with multiple reels. Slot machines in land based casinos as well as their online casino counterparts all share the same trait: they all come with a range of features to keep their gamers invested and interested in the slot game. Some of the most popular game features for online slot games include: –

  • Bonus Slots and Games: The player is able to unlock a bonus round by getting the right combination
  • Free Spins: The player has to land on the correct combination in order to get another spin for free
  • Cascading Reels: Instead of spinning, cascading reels would cascade or fall
  • Rotating Reels: instead of spinning, the reels would rotate and functions in a straightforward way after unlocking the bonus round.
  • Wild images: Wild images include an additional image on the reel, which boosts your winning chances.
  • Coins: Coins are used to place bets on online slots, and they are shown in the form of physical coins in online slots.
  • Multiplier images: Multiplier images can heighten your chances of winnings from x2 up to x1000.

A large number of online casinos will give new gamers free spins on slot machines just for signing up, or alongside making their first deposit. Certain online bonus slot games can to help you get the best value for your time and money through: –

  • Read the casino’s terms and conditions to understand which online slot games does the bonus applies to
  • Double check if the bonus slots are automatically paid to you
  • Making sure that the online casino rules are for using your bonus on progressive slots

Online Slot Machines: Understanding the Reels and Lines

The action in any slot machine games comes from their columns of images. Classic slot games are infamous for using images of fruit, which gives them the nickname ‘fruities’. Each column of images on a slot machine is known as a Reel. The key to score a winning combination is that you have to make a line (also known as a Payline) from your reels.

Depending on how many paylines you have selected, the number of possible winning combinations when you are playing land-based or online slot machines. For instance, on a three-row slot machine, if you choose one payline this means you would need to score a winning combination from the centre reel. Choosing two paylines would need you to score two winning combinations that are top and bottom. If you opt for three paylines, you would need to score all the three rows to win.

Generally, you would need to land on a horizontal line to score a winning combination. There are however certain exceptions for these rules, as video slots in online casinos allow you to score winning paylines through vertical lines, zigzags, and even in V-shape for your slot reels.

How to Select the Betting Amount for Online Slot Games

Similar to any gambling game, slot machines work on the basis of how much money the player is willing to bet. Like any casino game, the player must decide how much money they are able to and are comfortable to bet before placing a bet on a slot machine. Once the player has decided the amount of money, they should stick to it to make sure they gamble responsibly and not overspend their bankroll.

Whether you’re in a land-based casino or an online casino, slot games are perhaps one of the easiest casino games to get carried away with gambling and overspend one’s bankroll. The opening betting amounts can be as few as RM0.01, so it can seem that you are not spending a lot of money. However, once these tiny amounts add up, it will lead you to realize you had spent a lot of bankroll over the course of a slot games session.

The Significance of Random Number Generator (RNG) on Online Slot Games

Many online casino games such as online slots implement the Random Number Generator (RNG) system. Much like its name suggested, it’s all ‘random’. The RNG system constantly generates a new set of randomized numbers and repeats the process. This is done to ensure fairness in the games and no repeated outcomes will occur in the system.

Another important detail you should be aware of is how the RNG system works in a slot machine. Regardless if you are using hot or cold coins, if you play an online slot that recently scored a jackpot (or a slot game that hasn’t hit a jackpot for a while), you need to understand that luck does not affect the RNG system at all. Once you start learning how to adapt to the RNG system, that’s when you become a better casino player.

How to Choose Online Slot Games with the Highest Payouts and RTP (Return To Players)

Slot games are universally popular in land-based and online casinos, which makes it no surprise that a lot of slot games tend to offer different rates of return to the gamblers. To make sure that you make the most out of your slot gaming experience, you should pick the slot games with the highest payback rate and opt for the ones that come with the best Return to Player (RTP).

Return to Player (RTP) is a calculation that tells you how much money gambled by players on a specific game will return to them over time. For instance, if a slot game has an RTP of 1%, this means that RM0.01 of every RM1 gambled on it will be returned to the player. Many online casinos also distribute the RTP for the slot games they offer.

The Significance of Hit Frequency (HF) on Online Slot Games

Hit Frequency (HF) refers to how often a slot machine’s Random Number Generator (RNG) system gives out a winning combination. The Hit Frequency is often expressed in a percentage of spins. While certain online slot games with higher hit frequencies pay you out more often, these games often come with lower winning amounts on their pay tables. This is why you need to look at the Return To Player (RTP) rate to get an overview of your odds of winning an online slot game.

Pay Tables for Online Slot Machine Games

Many online slot games provide a range of payout amounts, as slot games come with a variety of winning combinations. You can learn how much a winning combination will pay by checking out the pay table (as the rules will explain how much you can win) for the online slot game you are playing.

One of the most important aspects to pay attention to is that the slot pay table will reward you based on how much you win for different images. Many online and land-based slot machines have many images, each image provides you a different payout for scoring a winning combination.


Which to Pick: Classic Slots or Video Slots?

In most online casinos, you will notice that featured slot games are often divided into 2 categories: Classic slots and Video slots. As their names suggest, there are some noticeable differences between these two types of online slot games.

Classic slots are often played on 3 reels and most reels come with a single payline. Classic slots do not come with bonus rounds or additional features.

On the other hand, video slot games come with as many as 5 reels and dozens of paylines. As compared to classic slot games, online video slot games often come with additional features, such as bonus rounds and special features like scatters or multipliers.

Bonus Symbols and Their Uses

The use of fruits and gems dominate and define the slot game industry, which defines the genre of fruit slots in many casino games. Out of all the symbols one cna find on slot games, the bonus symbols are the ones you should look out for.

Generally, there are about 4 common categories of bonus symbols, each symbol is connected to very distinctive features.

a. Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbols are easily the most valuable slots symbols, because scatter symbols are the specific symbols that activate many bonus rounds and special features.

Usually in slot games, you are required to have rows of symbols line up to form a payline from a certain direction. If you manage to score a scatter symbol or a set of them, you will automatically activate a bonus feature. The bonus feature can range from free spins to bonus rounds.

b.Wild Symbol

A wild symbol is often known as the joker card of slots. This bonus symbol can replace any other symbol except for scatters and other special ones. If you have a payline with a row of 3 symbols, then this is where wild symbols come in handy as the next payout level will give you a big reward.

c. Expanding Wilds

Expanding wilds symbols have the same function as the wild symbol. However, when you score an expanding wild symbol, it ends across the whole column of the reel. Depending on your luck across various rows, the expanding wilds enable you to win on over one payline.

d. Stacked Wilds

Similar to the expanding wilds symbol, the stacked wild symbols are made up of bunches of 2, 3 or more and end up stacking over one another. Stacked wild symbols can boost your chances of scoring a combination across multiple paylines.

Etiquette and Mannerisms in Playing Online Slot Games

It is true that you will have limited interactions with other players when playing online slots, as you will often be playing online slot games through your computer or your mobile device. However, there are online casinos that offer live chat services to their users. Hence, you should be polite to whoever you are chatting with online.

If you are using an online slot game site that provides you the chance of using their live chat services, then the same etiquette rules will apply to you when you are interacting with land-based casino employees as well as live dealer casinos. It is essential to always be courteous, respectful and be polite during your interaction with the online casino chat personnel.

One extreme disadvantage of online casino chat services is that certain players tend to use the platform to promote and advertise third-party products. As the host of the play, the online casino has every right to stop users from using their live chat platform for marketing and advertising purposes. It is crucial to remember that an online chat service for online casinos is not meant for advertising your own products. The online casino chat service is meant for sending casual messages, interacting with other users, as well as sharing various casino stories with each other.

The Six Most Common Types of Online Slot Games

a. Classic Slot Machine

If you are someone who prefers simple games, then classic slots are perfect for you. Classic slots are very similar to its original land-based versions. Classic slots consist of three reels and often feature a horizontal payline that stretches across the three reels.

However, online classic slot games might come with three, five and sometimes even more paylines as compared to the traditional three reels. Classic slots often feature fruit symbols on the reels, such as cherries, lemons and even oranges. Other symbols for Classic slots can consist of bars, lucky Seven and even bells.

The simple design of Classic slot machines are beneficial to inexperienced or new slot players. However, the three-reel slots often provide a more restricted number of betting options, which are ideal for players with small bankrolls. The betting range for classic slots can range from as few as two or three coin values.

b. Video Slot Machines

Perhaps one of the most popular online slot games, video slot machines come with a variety of slots as well as advanced special features. Video slot games use visual images and entertaining animations to enhance the gaming experience for the casino users. In addition, video slots come with various bonuses during play, which can range from free spins to bonus games that come with extra winnings for the players.

In short, video slots are computer software that represents the spinning reels and the symbols lining up. A significant difference between reels and video slots is that video slots offer over 5 paylines that vary depending on the casino’s needs. Certain video slots have 9, 15, 25, 30 or even 100 different paylines.

c. 3D Slot Machines

3D slot games come with three-dimensional graphics, immersive animation, brilliant sound effects as well as unique features. However, one would require a stable internet connection if you would like to fully enjoy 3D online slot games with no disruptions.

3D slot games are immersive and can outlive expectations of picky slot players. Some of these games are inspired by popular movies, while other 3D slot games feature infamous characters from popular comic series. 3D Slot players would have noticed that 3D slot games have more complex storylines that require them to unlock different levels in order to progress through the story.

Similar to video slot games, 3D slots are highly advanced with great additional features. For instance, players can win free spins, wild and scatter bonus symbols, as well as multipliers. These bonus features are designed to make the 3D slot gaming experience more rewarding. Another main feature 3D slot games have is cross compatibility, as the game can be played through multiple devices like laptops and phones.

d. Multiple Payline Slot Machines

A slot machine typically would have only one payline which is often in the middle of the screen, and the winning symbols must line up for the spin in order to win. However, Multiple Payline Slot Machines provide more paylines in order to gain more action from the players.

More often than not, you would need one more credit for each extra payline to be activated. When a coin is inserted into the slot machine, an additional indicator will light up to signal the active payline.

A player would normally find slots that come with two, three, five, or more paylines. Generally, online casinos offer slots with 25, 50, or more paylines for multiple payline slot games.

It is essential to remember that playing over one payline does not actually boost a player’s chances of scoring a winning combination, but it does not hurt to try either. Every slot machine comes with a different payout ratio, which is set by the slot machines manufacturer to meet the casino’s requirements

e. Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

As its name implies, progressive jackpots slot machines come with a large progressive jackpot which accumulates as players win more prizes through each progressive level. Certain progressive jackpots slot games are available to an individual slot in land based casinos; while others are available in online casinos that operate on the same software.

There are generally three common types of progressive jackpots slot games, which are: Standalone, Linked and Wide-area. Wide-Area progressive jackpots are perhaps one of the most popular slot games because they can accumulate to huge amounts of prizes within a short period of time.

Standalone progressive jackpots only increase their jackpot when the players make bets on that particular slot game. It is important to remember that the jackpot will only increase every time players place their bets on that particular game. Regardless of what casino you are playing at, if you happen to score the jackpot, the value will be returned to its initial value and will begin accumulating all over again.

Progressive slot games provide fewer regular wins as an effort to balance out the potential of someone winning the large prize. However, this fact can affect players long term as the players bankroll will not reduce as swiftly as you’d expect.

All progressive jackpot slot games share one trait, which is the jackpot metre. A jackpot metre enables players to keep track of the amount they have accumulated and this is quite handy for players to easily figure out which is the best time to join the slot game.

However, it is important to consider that before you give progressive jackpot slot games a try, you have to remember that you are required to play with the maximum bet amount if you wish to qualify for winning the massive prize. If players fail to wager on the maximum bet and hit the winning combination to activate the jackpot, the payout will be significantly lesser.

f. Touch-Screen Slot Machines

With the debut of the touch-screen technology, the gambling industry has implemented touch-screen technology into slot machines. Touch-screen slots are highly successful as they provide user-friendly interaction as well as a resting space for the player’s hands.

The Top Five Types of Bonus Rounds in Online Slot Games

Many new online slots often come with bonus games. Bonus games, also known as bonus rounds, are mini-levels that are incorporated within the standard slot games. Bonus rounds are often activated by specific combinations, and depending on the rules of the game, bonus rounds often come with higher returns on wins as compared to normal slot games. There are a few common types of bonus rounds in online slots, such as: –

a. Free Spins Bonus Rounds

Free spins bonus rounds are commonly activated when playing video slots. Their bonus rounds would usually consist of free spins bonus arounds. This is a mini game and bonus round you can easily enjoy and win extra money without making any real money wagers.

b. Wheel-Based Bonus Games

As its name implies, wheel-based bonus games feature a wheel, in which players would need to spin the win to win additional prizes and credits. On certain occasions, wheel-based bonus round gamers would be presented with the feature as soon as the bonus and this bonus game comes with several wedges.

The bonus game ends when the wheel stops spinning and lands on one of the segments of flipper points, and the prizes will be rewarded to the slot gamer. Often, the prizes won from wheel-based bonus games are diverse. The prizes can range from a bunch of free spins or even win multipliers.

c. Arcade-Style Bonus Games

With the advancement of software developers creating new bonus levels in online slot games, this introduces us to arcade-style bonus games. Certain online slots will come with this feature, as arcade-style bonus games are very detailed and intricate when the bonus round is unlocked by the player. These bonus games take the form of arcade style games, such as the players are required to go through a series of mini tasks or adventures in order to win prizes for the mini round.

While players have the opportunity to select certain items in the pick-me bonus features, the outcome of the arcade-style bonus games is ultimately decided by the RNG (Random Number Generator) system. With this bonus feature, the players’ performance will determine what prizes they will win and collect.

d. Slots with Mystery Bonus Features

Many online casino software providers have to think out of the box to make the online casino games entertaining while drawing in new players. Mystery bonus features are perhaps some of the most popular fan favorite bonus features for online slot games, as these bonus features are handed out randomly to players. As compared to other bonus games that are activated through a specific number of scatter symbols on the reels, that does not happen with mystery bonuses. The prizes are also selected at random before distributed to the players.

For present day online slots with mystery bonuses features, the players are aware that typically such unique features can be found in games that are related to multi tiered progressive jackpot slot games. The mystery bonus feature works in different ways: in some slot games, the mystery bonus feature is activated at random; in other slot games, the bonus around is activated when a specific amount of money has been wagered by the player.

e. Online Slots with Gamble Features

Gamble feature is another unique feature found in online slot games. While this is not a bonus feature and is only available in certain online slot features, the gamble feature can be activated when the player forms a winning combination on an active payline. Once the player scores a winning combination, they can click on the ‘Gamble’ button to unlock and activate this feature.

The gamble feature has various mini games that are activated. Sometimes, the Gamble Feature comes with a mini game in which players have to correctly guess the colour or the suit of a face down card. If the player guesses the card colour right, their winnings might double. Sometimes, the Gamble Feature might include a dice rolling whereby the player has to guess the outcome of the throw. In other times, the Gamble Feature would come with the coin tossing principle and the players have to predict the outcome of the toss in either heads or tails.

It is worth noting that slot games sometimes prefer to skip the gamble feature in slot games, as they would lose their initially won prizes if they failed to make the correct guess.

Six Essential Factors in Selecting an Online Slot Machine Games Site

Slot machine games are perhaps one of the most played evergreen games in the casino industry. With the progression of online casinos over recent years, you can find online casino sites or mobile apps for online casino games almost anywhere. With that being said, here are six crucial factors one should always remember when choosing an online casino to play online slot games: –

a. The Legibility and Licensing of Online Casino

One of the most important factors is to check the licensing of the online casino before playing any online gambling games such as online slot games or online blackjack. Many esteemed gambling establishments would ensure that they have proper and valid licensing for their online casino sites. Usually, one can find the online casino license at the bottom of the homepage while other online casino sites would provide a link to their licensing company.

b. Trustworthy Software Provider

Another quality to look for in an online casino is to make sure that the online casino site has a trustworthy and reliable software provider. Software providers help to ensure that the online casino games have visually pleasing images, quality background music and sound, multiple languages for users to understand, as well as a user-friendly experience. Software providers should also be checked regularly to ensure that the online casino site will properly function.

c. Adaptability and Compatibility for Multiple Device

Furthermore, online casino sites should always ensure that their sites and mobile apps can easily adapt to different devices. Mobile games are growing to be very popular among many online gamers who enjoy online slot games. With online casinos providing free applications for multiple devices, players would only need to log in or register to existing accounts.

d. Betting Limits

Next, betting limits is also one of the main factors to consider when choosing an online casino site to play slot games. The bet limits may differ for various online casino games and each bet will produce the outcome of the bet you can win. For certain online slot games such as large advanced jackpot games, players can wager on maximum bets for the slot games and win a large amount of rewards. Therefore, one should check if the potential online casino site offers betting limits for their users.

e. Private Tables

Private tables is also one of the factors to take into consideration when looking for an online casino site to play online slot games. Online casino sites offer a wide range of games, such as online slot games, online roulette and many more. However, certain online casinos would provide the option for the player to play in private tables. Private tables give players the much-needed privacy and caters to online casino users to interact with people rather than a live dealing.

f. Online Banking Options

The sixth important element for choosing an online casino site to play online slot games is to check the banking options for the site. Many online casino sites would offer a variety of banking options to their users that can accommodate each user. The various banking options can range from debit card and credit cards, cryptocurrency, bitcoins, e-wallets, online banking and many more.

Overall, there are six important factors one should remember when looking for an online casino site to play online slot games. Online casino sites are a place where many people can have a user-friendly and accommodating virtual gambling experience. With that being said, it is utmost important to find an online casino site that you can enjoy wholly and indulge in spending and winning on online slot games.

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